Jimmy & Kathy De Laurentis came to Texas from Philly to fulfill their
Cousins dream, to open an Authentic South Philly Cheesesteak Restaurant.

Bobby Catalano, who moved from philly 25 years ago. Always wanted
To open up a cheesesteak shop so he talked to Kathy & Jimmy and they
Decided to come down here to open a shop in Texas
So here we are at Universal City offering the authentic cheesesteaks from Philly.
This is your cheapest ticket to Philadelphia

So come in and try a little taste of philly We promise it will be the best cheesesteak. You have ever eaten!
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Youz Guyz
Cheese Steaks

2 cousins made their
Dream come true
Catalano- Delaurentis
Youz Guyz.com
316 Booker Rd.
Universal City. Tx 78148

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